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To describe The Gaylords as a night club act would be partially correct. Add an "s" to act - make it "acts" - and your closer to the truth. Add TV and concert performers - add topselling recording artists - add composers and lyricists. Now your Gaylord's description is taking shape.

No matter how you bill them, or whether they're headlining or co-staring, The Gaylords are acts that are tough, if not impossible to follow. Yes. The Gaylords are a singing comedy team, but their also a standup comedy team. They're also a serious singing team that can moisten the eyes of young and old, female and male alike. It comes down to this: two guys can't be that versitile and that accomplished, yet they are. They can be their own warm-up act, comedy act, featured act and audience ambassador act.

Contrary to popular opinion, The Gaylords have not been around "since the earth was cooling off". But they've been around long enough that their "Who's Who" credits look like the Congressional Record. So it's faster to list what they've not done than vise-versa.

The Gaylords never played the Tiajana Jal Lal Fronton, but talk about clubs in Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, New York, New Orleans, Philly, Houston, Toronto, Miami, England, Australia, and Italy too!

The Gaylords haven't worked with Prince, but Bill Cosby, Bob Hope, Glen Campbell, Buddy Hackett, Don Rickles, Patti Page, Danny Thomas, Jullet Prowse, Al Hirt, Henry Mancini, Duke Ellington, Righteous Brothers, Roger Miller, Roy Clark, Barbara Mandrell, Tami Wynette, Tony Orlando. Well, you get the idea.

An evening with The Gaylords is an unmatched experience. The jaws will ache from laughter, but the heart strings will know where they've been. The Gaylords are to audiences what the finest Italian wine cellars are to gourmets.